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A crown can both improve your smile and benefit your oral health. John Rezaei, DMD, and the team at GoPro Dentistry in Riverside, California, specialize in restorative dental procedures, including traditional crowns and implant crowns. If you have a misshapen, broken, or missing tooth, a crown may be what you need. For quality dental crowns, call or schedule an appointment online today.

Crowns Q & A

What are crowns?

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped, color-matched caps that fit over a tooth or implanted post. The team at GoPro Dentistry may recommend a crown to help restore the size, shape, strength, or appearance of your natural teeth. 

A crown may help restore or protect your oral health if you have a tooth that is:

  • Severely decayed
  • Extremely worn or broken off
  • Weakened by a filling
  • Misshapen or deformed 
  • Profoundly discolored

The team may recommend a crown after you have a root canal to help stabilize a bridge. 

What are implant crowns? 

An implant crown includes a false tooth that sits atop a post that your prosthodontist attaches directly to your jawbone. 

Implant crowns help restore natural function and appearance in a space left by a missing tooth. They can also help stabilize a dental bridge. 

GoPro Dentistry may recommend implant crowns to help protect the natural, healthy teeth on either side of your missing tooth. Missing teeth can increase your risk of tooth decay and cause misalignment issues over time. 

Having an implant crown also avoids needing to shave or reshape natural teeth in preparation for dental restorations like bridges or partial dentures. 

What does the process of getting crowns entail? 

Typically, getting a new crown requires three visits. The first two visits help to either prepare the tooth receiving a crown or place your implant post.

During your initial visit, the GoPro Dentistry team discusses your options and takes digital X-rays. Digital imaging helps your prosthodontist ensure your bone and soft tissues can support a new crown. In some cases, you may need a root canal or other restoration before proceeding with a crown. 

During your second visit, the team shapes your natural tooth or places the dental implant post in your jawbone. They take digital impressions and place a temporary crown. It takes about three weeks for a trusted dental lab to create your customized restoration.

Once your crown is ready, and your bone and tissues heal, you return to have it permanently affixed to your natural tooth or dental post. 

If you need a dental crown, call or schedule an appointment online with GoPro Dentistry today.